Integrated Canteen Management System

Client Horizon Addis Tyre S.C.

Project Integrated Canteen Management System (ICMS)

Duration 3 Months

Status Completed

Horizon Addis Tyre is one of the leading manufacturer of Tyres in Ethiopia. It has about 850 employees, composed of Management, Administrative and factory employees. Tyre production is done 24-hrs with 3 shifts. As part of the benefits package provided by the company, for one of the shifts, the company covers, 75% of the meal cost, whereas the staff only pay 25% of the meal. Hence Horizon Addis Tyre management has decided to develop an Integrated Canteen Management System (ICMS) to handle the canteen management of nearly 850 employees.


XOKA studied, designed and developed a Canteen Management System to have

  • Integrated Web Portal
  • Document Management System
  • Integrated Canteen Management System
  • Inegration with Biometric attendace Management and Administration System
  • Multi-lingual application
  • Data Migration from legacy databases
  • Mobile Application for accessing the system