In a dynamic business environment, IT enterprises constantly deal with challenges such as legacy platforms, disparate data and content, poor access to information, complex ineffective processes, and poor coordination between business units, partners, and systems. Moreover, existing IT support is unable to meet the demands of businesses who are trying to scale up and enter global markets. Enterprises require flexible solutions and newer technologies to gain a competitive edge, comply with regulations, improve customer experience, and overcome other challenges.




XOKA’s Enterprise Business Unit empowers enterprises to meet their business objectives with sustained growth and profitability. Our comprehensive suite of ERP and IT business products and solutions are designed to address issues across functional areas such as auditing, accounting, finance, human resources, project management, and the like.


      • Enterprise Resource Planning System: Enables enterprises to achieve a holistic view of their business. Enterprises can identify new opportunities easily, adapt to various environments, mitigate risk effectively, achieve better performance, scale operations, reduce costs, and streamline processes
      • Electronic Document Management System: Provides a software that compiles all Excel Spreadsheets, Databases, and Files/Documents in a single system. It addresses both record creation control and retention, across various domains
      • Customer Relationship Management System: Provides a complete, all-in-one suite that enables enterprises to deliver an incomparable experience to every customer they serve. Our solution simplifies communication between enterprises and customers, reducing the need for costly equipment, changes, or updates
      • Collaborative Portal Solution: Provides the optimal flexibilities, capabilities, and functionalities for organisations to create and maintain an engaging information centre that improves productivity, simplifies collaboration, cuts costs, and even boosts company morale
      • Case Management System: Allows courts to accept filings and provides access to file documents over the internet. The system also better uses, manages, consolidates, shares, and protects case-related information
      • Be-spoke and Custom Development Solution: Meets specific business requirements and delivers intended results. Ensures a competitive edge as the solution is specifically tailor made for the enterprise