Geographical Information Systems

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) provide powerful ways in which to capture, store, analyse, and share information across an organisation or stakeholders for purposes as diverse as Asset Management, Revenue Management, Land Management, Crop and Soil Survey, and Transport Management,among many others. read more 

Banking & Insurance

Core banking is the heart of banking operations today. As banks companies scale up globally, growing security concerns have created the need for secure, robust, and convenient solutions. Financial institutions seek solutions that can be easily integrated into existing systems to ensure regulatory compliance, protection of data, assets, and clients, as well as to mitigate any immediate or future risk. Read more 

Identity Management

Until recently, interest in government for ICT has been focused at the national level. Today, the importance of using ICT to support and drive change in local and regional governments, particularly in cities, is becoming well recognized. Local governments find themselves at the sharp end of public service delivery—at the last mile and with the greatest responsibility to ensure that no citizen is left behind or overlooked in the race to keep up with central mandates and local expectations.  read more 

Enterprise Business

A dynamic business environment, IT enterprises constantly deal with challenges such as legacy platforms, disparate data and content, poor access to information, complex ineffective processes, and poor coordination between business units, partners, and systems. Moreover, existing IT support is unable to meet the demands of businesses who are trying to scale up and enter global markets. read more 

Custom Software Development

Custom software (also known as bespoke software or tailor-made software) is software that is specially developed for some specific organization or other user. As such, it can be contrasted with the use of software packages developed for the mass market, such as commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software, or existing free software.

Since custom software is developed for a single customer it can accommodate that customer’s particular preferences and expectations. Custom software may be developed in an iterative processes, allowing all nuances and possible hidden risks to be taken into account, including issues which were not mentioned in the original requirement specifications (which are, as a rule, never perfect) . read more about our process 

Data Where House

At Industry and organizational levels, data drives decisions — and decisions drive business. This implies the need for the availability of accurate past and current data about operations, systems, assets, performance, and opportunities. Challenges towards this include the sheer volume of information that even simple transactions generate the number, complexity, and disparity of the systems that store the data and the need for proper integration of data such that it can be used effectively in the decision-making process. read more 

Client Testimonial

I would like to take the opportunity to describe the work that XOKA IT Solution PLC performed for the ministry on Ethiopia National Energy Data Information System (NEDIS) Project; this project starts playing positive role on growth of green and renewable energy sector of Ethiopia. Previously this sector suffered from problems related to Quality, timely, location-based and easily accessible data. As a result most of stakeholders involved in this sector preferred getting such data from international organizations and universities that has interest collecting it, however, now this new Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) based system has capability of storing, processing and spreading of the potential Resource, Primary & Secondary Energy, Transport & distribution, consummation and improved Energy Technology of raw data and analytical Reports for use of Government, non-government organizations, Universities furthermore Investors and general public. Valuable information generated from this system will help to strengthen development of green and renewable energy sector focused economic development and helps for easy policy formulation as well as attraction of investment.

In addition this project is followed an integrated approach of aiming periodical and static information should be sorted and process and generated deferent kind of Energy Report with integration with Arc GIS service for locating and GIS based Spatial Analysis’s, in addition technology, and stakeholder information accessible from, further more this portal also viewable from mobile or desktop devices, it also have unique data collection mechanisms to gather data even from CSA or regional energy offices, likewise it provide versatile reports on Energy production, consumption and other. Finally the system is deigned to be comparative with U.S Department of Energy (, U.S. Energy Information administration (, International Energy Agency ( and Department Energy of Republic of South Africa (, from perspective point of openness, quality and availability of Data.

Therefore XOKA IT Solution PLC Designed and Developed the IT By flowing Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), using services oriented architecture and Agile Software Development Methodology, with firm grasp of technical details also highly skilled at recognizing issues that require escalation to management for decision-making. Typically, XOKA tackled this by presenting a number of well thought-out options with pros and cons to aid the decision maker in making choices and in understanding and communicating the implications of that choice and it is clear that they have strong technical and business backgrounds that have enabled us to make them significant contributions to our Ministry. They have demonstrated an ability to quickly understand complex issues and provide innovative and sound solutions.

In general, our organization has been extremely pleased with the resources provided by XOKA, and I would highly recommend them to other organizations.


Sahele Tamiru Directorate for Energy Study and Development Ministry of Water Irrigation and Electricity Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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