NGOs often require support for mission critical operations in the form of solutions that provide accountability and transparency. Traditional ERPs are not build to meet specific financial, accounting, and operational requirements of NGOs. Historically, NGOs lacked comprehensive and robust fund accounting solutions. Techno Brain provides a complete fund accounting and grants management solution, along with a human-resource system, and a project management tool to help NGOs fulfil their missions.

Using an amalgamation of different products, XOKA efficiently caters to the NGO ecosystem and meet their various needs. These solutions can be hosted on the cloud, thus empowering NGOs to be swift and agile in their operations, while effectively responding to changing market dynamics.

    • Application Capabilities Our solution offerings may correspond to only one or a number of different application capabilities. The XOKA eOffice(BPMS) application capabilities are described below:
      •  Employee interaction – Providing integrated portals and contact centers with an open source Donnet-nuke CMS.
      •  Intelligent forms and workflow – Form builder and business process manager provide a solution that combines rich electronic forms with workflow and integrated records management capability
      •  Case and records management –Integrated with provides intelligent contact center and case management solutions
      •  Mobility, collaboration and productivity – Unified Communication and Notification including SMS, Email and Enterprise Content Management solutions
      • Performance management – Microsoft Business Intelligence solutions provide data warehousing, reporting and analysis, and performance management toolsets to foster productivity and enhance decision making
      • Knowledge management – integration with Wiki to keep the organization knowledge, that helps to understand and interpret data in the context of its period and location
      • Integration with backend systems- Capabilities for financial management, project accounting, human resource management, business analytics, and customer relationship management.
      • Identity Management – Identity management solutions, including Windows CardSpace, allow government organizations to protect citizens’ and businesses’ online identities and be sure that people are who they say they are
      • Infrastructure optimization – Application platform, business productivity infrastructure and core infrastructure optimization