National Data Set Master plan

The primary objective of the Ethiopian National Datasets Master Plan project is to prepare a comprehensive master plan for development of the National Common Data set for all present and potential Ministries and agencies of the Government in order to assist in better accessibility, openness and integration of e-services and applications across Ministries, Departments and Agencies and reduce the dependency of applications and channels. In addition the master plan is expected to support all business and database security requirements of the Ministries and interministerial applications and enhance interoperability within the Government of Ethiopia enterprise. As a part of the project: Ethiopian National Datasets Master Plan project, this document contains the design parameters, technical specifications, management and Governance systems for the proposed Ethiopian National Datasets ( ENDS). Conceptually, the ENDS inter alia consists of a national Data Hub, system for data inflow and outflow, databases, data marts and data warehouse as well as technology for data management, transformation and presentation to meet the present and potential business needs of the Government. The ENDS Design presented here is comprehensive to cover all its component parts. Detailed analysis of the information collected and presented in the Consultant’s previous report – Situational Analysis Report (Baseline study and survey of the existing situation in the Government of Ethiopia) was undertaken to analyse the various options and to optimize the overall design of the ENDS and its associated systems

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