The manufacturing sector is characterised by a highly competitive environment. In order for industry players to gain market share, they must be able to contain costs, increase customer responsiveness, improve operating efficiencies, decrease time-to-market, and out-innovate competitors. The environment in which manufacturers operate is extremely dynamic and interactive. Agility and the ability to deliver quality products at cost-effective rates is imperative for the success of this industry.

XOKA addresses the needs of the manufacturing industry across its value chain. The solutions are deployed in a modular and scalable manner, which can be easily integrated and re-configured. XOKA’s ‘project-to-product’ cycle helps to standardise industry specific solutions, resulting in quicker time-to-market, shorter payback periods, and proven results.

    • pplication Capabilities Our solution offerings may correspond to only one or a number of different application capabilities. The XOKA eOffice(BPMS) application capabilities are described below:
      •  Employee interaction – Providing integrated portals and contact centers with an open source Donnet-nuke CMS.
      •  Intelligent forms and workflow – Form builder and business process manager provide a solution that combines rich electronic forms with workflow and integrated records management capability
      •  Case and records management –Integrated with provides intelligent contact center and case management solutions
      •  Mobility, collaboration and productivity – Unified Communication and Notification including SMS, Email and Enterprise Content Management solutions
      • Performance management – Microsoft Business Intelligence solutions provide data warehousing, reporting and analysis, and performance management toolsets to foster productivity and enhance decision making
      • Knowledge management – integration with Wiki to keep the organization knowledge, that helps to understand and interpret data in the context of its period and location
      • Integration with backend systems- Capabilities for financial management, project accounting, human resource management, business analytics, and customer relationship management.
      • Identity Management – Identity management solutions, including Windows CardSpace, allow government organizations to protect citizens’ and businesses’ online identities and be sure that people are who they say they are
      • Infrastructure optimization – Application platform, business productivity infrastructure and core infrastructure optimization