Governments worldwide are striving to become more responsive and citizen centric by aligning their services to the dynamic needs of citizens and stakeholders. The advent of the internet has allowed citizens to demand for better services by providing several inputs to the government’s policy-making processes. Rapid changes in the IT industry has therefore fostered a shift in focus from the traditional process of just providing feedback to the process of creating, storing, disseminating and using information. IT-driven systems of governance, work better, cost lesser, and service the needs of citizens in accordance to changing times.

XOKA offers e-Governance-related products and services that allows the interaction between the government and citizens, the government and business enterprises, and inter-agency relationships to be more convenient, cost-effective, and transparent. Our extensive experience of working with various government departments in Africa, has given us a distinctive advantage to design, develop, and implement various tailor-made e-governance initiatives. XOKA’s offerings can be deployed across various segments of the Government, including – Ministries, Counties/Local Government, Agencies, Regulatory Authorities, Revenue Authorities and Parastatals.

    • Our CSP solutions enable functions ranging from voter registration and offender management to license issuance and physical access control.
      • National Identity Management System: Maintains biometric identity records of citizens
      • e-Services : electronic services for all  B2B,C2G, B2G services Types
      • Member Registration and Management System: Provides a secure interface for managing the registration, renewal, and updating of personal information
      • Passport and Driving License Issuance and Management System: Enhances the productivity of issuing agencies, prevents document issuance abuse, and automates data recording and document delivery
      • Border Control and Management System: Enhances national security reliably by identifying potential terrorists and preventing illegal immigration
      • Physical Access Automation and Security System: Provides control over access to stationary or mobile premises with a high degree of usability, security, and reliability
      • Land Registration and Management System: Records and maintains information related to ownership, possession, and evidence of a title with a government agency
      • Election/Voter Registration System: Registers and maintains a list of voter details, and prevents faulty registration — which enables fair elections and helps democratic governance
      • Vital Records Registration and Management System: Facilitates registration and enrolment processes for recording demographics via efficient collection of biometric data
      • Law Enforcement and Criminal Tracking System: Facilitates the collection, storage and retrieval, analysis, transfer, and sharing of data between law enforcement agencies
      • ePassport: Authenticates and verifies travellers, while eliminating fraudulent applications and duplicate passport issuance – thus, improving overall security
      • eGates: Controls the flow of travellers in various airports intelligently – allowing fast access across immigration check points, without compromising on security
      • eVisa/Work Permit: Provides visas and work permits through a convenient and efficient system, which also intelligently identifies potential security risks
      • Electronic Medical Records: Ensures access to consolidated health records of patients quickly, securely, and accurately
      • Subsidy Distribution: Enrols, verifies, and authenticates citizens using their demographic details, along with captured biometrics, to ensure that resources are reaching the right people.
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