Geographic Information Systems (GIS) provide powerful ways in which to capture, store, analyse, and share information across an organisation or stakeholders for purposes as diverse as Asset Management, Revenue Management, Land Management, Crop and Soil Survey, and Transport Management,among many others.

By providing statistical analyses of accurately mapped spatial features, demographic trends, and data about physical objects, geospatial technology enables organisations to make informed business decisions that result in increased process efficiency and effectiveness.

XOKA has developed extensive expertise in this area. With detailed analyses of organisations’ existing systems and strategic goals, we can offer customised GIS solutions and integration    for numerous verticals sector and MIS.

    • We provide a comprehensive set of GIS solutions driven by industry-standard software development practices. Our GIS solutions portfolio comprises the following
      • Land Information Management System: Helps in urban planning, enforcement of land management policies, and sharing of land-related information
      • GIS-Based Revenue Management System: Identifies, tracks, and analyses all local authorities assets and properties for managing revenue
      • GIS-Based Billboard Management System: Addresses permuting, inventory/acquisitions, surveillance, GIS mapping, accounting, and financial billing
      • GIS for Electoral Process: Brings efficiency and accuracy to every step of the elections cycle
      • Way Leave Management System: Manages projects, inventory, and real-estate transactions
      • Property Tax Collection System: Maps all properties in the country and helps track defaulters. Also tames corruption by increasing transparency of processes and performs appraisals of real property
      • Geological Mapping Solutions: Provides tools to manage, display, and analyse data, resulting in successful, cost-effective discovery of new mineral deposits
      • GIS-Based Asset Management System: Aims to improve the asset visibility, tracking, and control for an institution’s asset base
      • Energy 2.0    This platform is Energy Data Information management System, that has a capability to store, process and calculate energy balances and other reports on hydro-electric, geothermal, fossil fuel minerals, wind and solar energy etc, by Enabling GIS Functionality. as result now any country or company energy data will be accessible   to public, energy expert and government and non government Organization in Africa and others .