At Industry and organizational levels, data drives decisions — and decisions drive business. This implies the need for the availability of accurate past and current data about operations, systems, assets, performance, and opportunities. Challenges towards this include the sheer volume of information that even simple transactions generate the number, complexity, and disparity of the systems that store the data and the need for proper integration of data such that it can be used effectively in the decision-making process.

Techno Brain’s Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing (BI & DW) Unit helps companies make better business decisions — and maintain a competitive edge — with solutions that capture, consolidate, integrate, and store data from internal and external sources, and convert that data into meaningful information and actionable insights.

Integration of data from multiple source systems enables a centralised view of the enterprise from a data perspective. We provide a common data model for all data of interest to the organisation, regardless of source. Our solutions give organisations fast access to reports and analysis, at all user levels.

With our solutions and easy-to-use interfaces, decision makers have access to a snapshot of the current state of the business including operations, performance, and assets; insights into what variables can be altered to improve business performance; and predictions about future outcomes for each viable course of action. Our BI & DW solutions thus help reduce costs, create a sustainable competitive advantage, improve performance and productivity, increase ROI, and enhance profitability.


    • we follow strategic, interactive methodologies for understanding clients’ BI & DW requirements and providing high - quality results.Techno Brain’s Data Warehouse is a centrally managed, integrated database containing data from heterogeneous sources. BI provides detailed visibility into variables such as customer behaviour, competitors, business counterparts, the economic environment, and internal operations. Our BI solutions use a set of applications, technologies, and knowledge for gathering and analysing data — and restructuring it so that it becomes meaningful to business users, and helps them make better business decisions. We also provide post-implementation support services including production support, enhancement, maintenance, and performance optimisation. Our suite of BI & DW offerings include the following:
      • BI & DW Consulting Services: Defines the architecture and plans the capacity of storage servers, database and OLAP servers, and tools. Also evaluates and recommends technologies and tools for re-engineering services
      • Data Warehousing Services: Provides data warehousing development, testing, and deployment, including - database management and performance tuning; data verification, validation, and quality assessment; data modelling; data extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL) architecture and development; and data merging, migration, and implementation
      • Reporting and Analysis Services: Utilises portal analysis, data mining, BI dashboards, balanced scorecards, and operational metrics to deliver enterprise reporting, Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) reporting, BI reporting on ERP packages, and customised reporting and analytics
      • Business Intelligence Services: Deploys various BI-related services to help organisations gain more insight, access more data, and drive better outcomes in every aspect of their business
      Technical Services
      • Perform database tuning and performance monitoring
      • System cloning
      • Reports development
      • User access administration
      • Regular maintenance for all special applications, such as - month end and period end functions
      • Understand any backup and recovery constraint, such as - for table imports (NOT) and partial recoveries
      • Patch management and version control
      Functional Services
      • Perform system configuration and documentations
      • Make recommendations to fine tune the system configuration to enhance usability and productivity
      • Configuring future business processes
      • Provide general functional support
      • Training end users
      • Document issues and resolutions
      • Liaise with Oracle team to ensure better services to the customer
      • Convert best practice requirements into system
      With 10+ years of experience in implementing enterprise BI & DW projects across verticals, we have honed our BI & DW services to enable organisations to extract the most meaningful information from their data — and visualise it in the most effective way. From the management and analysis of data to the discovery of new business opportunities, we help turn data into action. XOKA continues to conduct extensive research on BI & DW-related tools and technologies to better understand clients’ business needs, quickly and accurately identify pain points, and formulate the best solutions and strategies.