XOKA is a company devoted to innovate and produce technology to reach all Ethiopia and Africa private or government organizations. We specialized on enterprise application Design with a focus on Vertical software systems. And help our clients to get solution for current business challenge   through up-to-date   Technology’s. In addition, we develop cutting-edge win-Form applications, mobile applications, websites and other Software products that help our enterprise customers to successfully communicate and interact with their employee or client. Our development Environment is always ready to build outsourced or joint products to be used on the consumer’s market widely.


XOKA is established by highly qualified and experienced professionals and Vendor certified. XOKA as well provides strong technical support and knowledge transfer to sustain the competitive advantages gained by customers from their investments for XOKA services. Beside the technical capacity, XOKA’s management has commendable entrepreneurial flair with strong ethical and professional standards.


Our distinct value proposition and service culture, coupled with our track record of successful service delivery, have enabled us to build enduring relationships with our customers. These include dominant players across a broad spectrum of areas like Government and business, NGO’s, Hospitality, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Education and Retail.

What makes a good company reliable is what it is made of, with an experience, a great management skill and an exceptional technical team, XOKA can provide a solution.

We have gained a rich experience in handling complex IT requirements that needs integration of different technologies. Our staffs have proven its capacity in creating of systems that are robust and user friendly by minimizing the interaction the end user to get the required service.

Our diversified experience and expertise will makes confident that we will met not only your expectation but beyond your expectation.

We have developed systems that the users are heterogeneous and the needed end result (report) is complex as well. For instance On the National Energy Database and Information System project we undertaken with the Ministry of Energy, we were required to make the data capturing to be understandable and user friendly so that a user who has limited experience in using computer that reside in the Kebele bureau in the rural area including off-grid to use to fill raw data spatially improved of grid technology distribution and usages. After that higher energy office that is found in the region and in the main office will expect the system to deliver reports with accurate energy balance and other evaluation report and map of the energy consumption and production. Because we have professional staff who have the required skills and experience they were able to deliver the required complexity by integrating GIS and Web Application technologies to create a seamless system that the user will feel comfortable to use. This project has helped us to know more on the channel of data flow from the woreda offices to national bureau of the Ministry. We are mentioning this because we want to assure you that we possess not only the right profession but also the required experience to fulfill the required assignment.

XOKA also accomplish an E-Service which has helped the government to automate its services to the community to give in a transparent and time saving way which will create a high customer satisfaction. The user can get and start the required request without the need of the user to be present on the station. To handle this we have implemented different algorithms and methodologies to handle the complex data flows and user requests. These systems are integrated with telecom technologies which the user received SMS messages from the system regarding the appointment dates and status of the service. This shows that we have built our capacity to handle any request in an efficient and adequate way to satisfy our customers in the need of system development that requires integration of different technologies.


  • Project management based on PMBoK, V-Model and Agile SDLC
  • Flows ISO 9001. 2008 Quality standard and templates
  • Committed to project delivery
  • Knowledge Transfer
  • Skilled and experienced project consultants
  • Largest Pool of vendor Certified Consultants
  • State of Art Development Center
  • Excellent after-sales support

DembelAnd our head office located at Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in Dembel city center building, our address make us available to our customer 24 /7 high speed internet with 99% No power break in case of any power interruption there is automatic power generated in place, this   location also 2 kilometer away from Bole International Airport and 1 kilometer away from central train station for walking clients.


Last but not least, Support division makes sure of the customer get the maximum support for the soled product. On the other hand Marketing Division of the company has the following products and services.