On Jun 09 Ministry of water, Irrigation and Electricity inaugurate the www.energy.gov.et (Ethiopia National Energy Data Information System) At Elilli Hotel. Developed by Xoka IT Solution and the Energy Data Collection done by Proceed Energy and Environmental Consultant, in the presence of State Minister of the Ministry, Invited guests that are researchers and other stockholders, and also international Organizations.
The Ethiopia National Energy Data Information System is said to be a system that will play a huge role on the growth of green and renewable energy sector of Ethiopia and also will eliminate the problem of having a quality, timely, location-based & easily accessible data.
Government, Non Governmental organization, Universities, Investors and the general public will benefit from this system with the flexible feature and great capacity of storing, Processing and spreading of the potential resource, Primary and secondary Energy, Transport & distribution, Consummation and Improved Energy Technology of raw data and most of all an analytical reports for the mentioned stakeholders. It is the second phase of ESMAD project funded by Energy+ that upgraded the functionality of previous system by including energy consumption, Energy Technologies, Web portal, versatile reports on Energy production, consumption and other, designed to be comparative with U.S Department of Energy (WWW.energy.gov), U.S Information administration (WWW.eia.gov ), International Energy Agency (WWW.iea.org ) and department Energy of Republic of South Africa (WWW.energy.gov.za )from perspective point of openness, quality and availability of data.
And finally it is believed that WWW.Energy.gov.et the second Energy System next to South Africa Energy System WWW.energy.gov.za. Will help on giving valuable information, strength the development of green and renewable energy sector focused on economic development and helps for easy policy formation as well as attraction of investment. Last but not list it is hoped to contribute on open government initiative and world ICT index rank of Ethiopia.

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